Melbourne 10x10 Event

6pm May 30 2024

6pm 30 May

10x10 Melbourne is back!

We are excited to announce three special purpose organisations who will be facing our shark and the crowd at the upcoming 10×10 event in Melbourne, hosted by Cera Stribley. Wilya Janta, Bridge it and FoodFilled will take to the stage on 30 May to pitch their missions in a crowdfunding bonanza!

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Cera Stribley: Level 3/29 Stewart St, Richmond VIC 3121

Our Social Purpose Organisations

Bridge It addresses the critical issues of homelessness and housing stress by emphasising the creation of ‘homes’ that provide more than just shelter. Through a holistic approach, Bridge It connects individuals to essential in-home support and community resources, striving to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable, and appropriate housing, eliminating the need for anyone to sleep on the streets.

Wilya Janta engages Indigenous families directly in the design, construction, and evaluation of their housing projects, promoting long-term improvements and community empowerment. By prioritising community feedback and involvement, Wilya Janta ensures that housing solutions are not only sustainable and effective but also culturally attuned and supportive of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

FoodFilled actively combats food wastage and addresses hunger by mobilising a network of volunteers to redistribute surplus food from local eateries to charities. This initiative supports community welfare by ensuring that food reaches those in need instead of going to waste, fostering a sustainable model of food redistribution that also engages community members in meaningful volunteerism.

What is a 10x10 event?

10×10 runs shark-tank style events aimed at raising funds and awareness for early-stage innovative Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs). At each event, three SPOs pitch their organisation to a business-savvy shark in front of a live audience, who in turn will ask probing questions about their model.

At this event, you will be given the opportunity to meet the founders of some of Victoria’s most inspirational SPOs, interact with other likeminded professionals, and win incredible raffle and auction prizes, all while enjoying complimentary drinks, canapés, and entertainment.

Get Involved - Audience

How does it work?

  1. Pledge $100 to attend (tax-deductible)
  2. Receive two $50 charity dollars
  3. Listen to pitches and hear comments from the shark
  4. Allocate charity dollars towards the SPOs that resonate with you the most!

Pledge to attend

Please note that refunds are not available for any cancellations made within 7 days of the event date. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Event partners


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10