In 2013, three passionate social entrepreneurs in Sydney shared a vision that everyone can make a difference by getting involved in philanthropy. Together, Laurence Marshbaum, Nina Skryzynski and Jenny Newmarch saw that professionals like themselves wanted to lead purpose driven lives and give back to their local communities, but lacked the time, knowledge, and framework to make a difference.

On the flipside, grassroots for purpose organisations (not for profits) struggle to find financial support and volunteers to sustain their work. Laurence, Nina and Jenny got together 10 friends and organised an event with each friend inviting 10 of their friends, bringing together 100 people into the room with 3 charities in attendance. That night they raised $11,000 for those charities and the concept of 10×10 was born.


10×10 is a global movement whose purpose is to empower the next generation of giving. We are successfully building a community of likeminded young individuals who are inspired to come together to support innovative grassroots charities in a fun and engaging way. Our innovative model and technology platform makes the 10×10 concept simple, replicable, scalable and low cost.

Our committee members are given the opportunity to build new networks, gain new skills in leadership and teamwork and most importantly, make a difference in their local community. Over 94% of our committee members recommend the 10×10 experience to their friends. It ignites a passion for philanthropy and giving back, translating to a whole new generation of people giving more from a younger age.

For participating charities, 10×10 offers an innovative and fresh way of directly engaging with a younger audience. Organisations come away from an event not only with financial help but with a valuable network of young professionals who can volunteer their skills and expertise.

From March 2020, social distancing has moved our live fundraising events into digital events online. Our network of 800+ volunteers are currently working remotely, pivoting 10×10 to digital platforms. We continue to raise funds, awareness and volunteers for the vital grassroots organisations that serve the most vulnerable people in our local neighbourhoods, despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

Share our vision and join the amazing 10×10 journey of giving back and making a difference.

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