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It all started with an idea…


In 2013, three passionate social entrepreneurs in Sydney shared a vision that everyone can make a difference by getting involved in philanthropy. Together, Laurence Marshbaum, Nina Skryzynski and Jenny Newmarch saw that professionals like themselves wanted to lead purpose driven lives and give back to their local communities, but lacked the time, knowledge, and framework to make a difference.

On the flipside, grassroots for purpose organisations (not for profits) struggle to find financial support and volunteers to sustain their work. Laurence, Nina and Jenny brought 10 friends to an organised event, with each friend inviting 10 of their friends, thus bringing together 100 people into the room with 3 social purpose organisations in attendance. That night they raised $11,000 for the non-profits, and the concept of 10×10 was born.

10×10 grew organically from Sydney to each Australian capital city as the news of this interesting model of philanthropy travelled. It wasn’t long before major cities in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand were established and in mid-2021, Laurence, Nina and Jenny reunited to celebrate the milestone 100th 10×10.

We’ve expanded to 14 cities worldwide



10×10 empowers the next generation of changemakers. We gather and connect like-minded individuals who: form into Project Committees; self-organise into defined roles; access 10×10’s tools and resources to research and identify innovative and early-stage grassroots social purpose organisations; then produce a fun and engaging fundraising event. Our concept is simple, replicable, scalable and we have a sharp focus on keeping costs very low.

Project Committees describe experiencing many personal rewards through volunteering, including: practicing agility and resilience; forming new networks; developing skills in leadership and teamwork, and most importantly; making a genuine difference in their local community. Over 94% of our committee members recommend the 10×10 experience to their friends.

Our partner social purpose organisations come away from a 10×10 event with a boost to profile and finances, plus a valuable new connection with a fresh audience. It is usual for our early-stage partners to leverage opportunities for years after pitching from the 10×10 stage.

Since 2020, we’ve rolled-with-the-punches to deliver live in-person, digital and hybrid fundraising events, determined to remain active despite the ever-changing environment. We also developed a corporate model to offer corporate partners a way to inspire and empower staff and elevate CSR impact.

Share our vision and join the amazing 10×10 journey of giving back and making a difference.

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