Bring 10x10 to your workplace

10×10 Corporate offers an engaging philanthropic experience that is tailored to your business, easy to organise and execute and has a proven record of success.

Since the 2013 start-up in Australia, 10×10 has grown to become a global movement. 10×10 Corporate has developed a digital model to reconnect teams that have been disrupted by WFH, delivering an empowering philanthropic experience in the corporate setting while genuinely helping grassroots social purpose organisations. 

Focused on the inherent benefits of a solid Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, 10×10 Corporate offers a better way to inspire  staff to become great corporate citizens and help to make the world a better place. Contact 10x10HQ to learn more about launching a 10×10 campaign with your team. 

What’s In It For Team Members?

Millennials and Gen Z’s want to live purpose driven lives and seek genuine opportunity to give to their local communities. 10×10 provides the platform and ignites a passion for supporting people who are suffering and in need within the neighbourhoods where employees live and work. By serving on a 10×10 Project Committee, volunteers gain leadership and teamwork skills, develop new networks, feel a strong sense of pride for their organisation and derive deep personal satisfaction.

What’s In It For our partner social purpose organisations?

10×10 offers an innovative, fresh way to directly engage with a young supporter base of influential changemakers. Through Corporate events, our partners can put a greater focus on the important work of delivering aid programs, while the 10×10 volunteers contribute their networks, new ideas, skills and energy to raise funds and awareness. Grassroots organisations that struggle to gain a foothold in the competitive fundraising arena value the financial help achieved at a 10×10 event… but LOVE reaping the long term rewards of brand awareness and a new network of supporters.

10X10 is CSR differently

The 10×10 model is different as a CSR tool because:

• It empowers your employees to make decisions about responsible social investment – they research and choose the cause and the benefactor;

• It offers a way for stakeholders to get directly involved with social purpose organisations;

• The opportunity for storytelling provides the key element of marketing the CSR. 

What’s In It for Corporates

The positive brand impact associated with effective corporate social responsibility is well documented, including:

• Enhancing corporate reputation of an organisation;

• Development of trust amongst employees;

• Method of communicating organisational consideration for the wellbeing of communities where it conducts business.

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We have a unique chance to enormous global good – we have the network of motivated Millennials and Gen Z’s all around the world, the track record of delivering against our mission and we’d love to get your company involved – reach out to 10x10HQ find out more.

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