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10×10 Corporate offers corporates a dynamic and engaging philanthropic experience that is tailored to your business, easy to organise and execute and has a proven record of success.


You select a team of 10-15 staff members to join the event committee and they organise and run the event within 14 weeks. We will host a kick off meeting and give your organisation access to our infrastructure, ticketing and payment platform, event organisation platform and step-by-step guide. 10×10 HQ will then support your team to run a successful event.


10 committee volunteers invite 10 colleagues and/or customers to guarantee a minimum of 100 guests will attend the event. Every guest purchases a ticket for $100 in advance, which raises a minimum of $10,000.

The committee will work on selecting 3 charities – these can be your own corporate charities or new charities sourced by the committee. On the night these three charities will pitch for the allocation of the guests’ charity dollars in the style of the popular Australian TV show “Shark Tank”. You can engage your CEO, a board member or stakeholder to join as the Shark. The Shark will question and quiz each charity about their visions and impact so the audience can make a decision who they want to support.

Extra funds can be raised by offering raffles, silent auctions or corporate match funding.


10×10 Corporate events provide you with everything you need to organise a phenomenal and impactful event, customised for your business. It is a fresh and unique way to engage everyone from young employees to board members in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Not only do you raise money for your existing corporate charities or new charities, you also offer younger employees on the committee a unique development experience that fosters leadership, team building and collaboration skills.

Download corporate flyer

If you would like to get involved and organise your own corporate 10×10 event, download our corporate flyer and email us at events@10×10 so we can help you get started.

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