Choose your format to suit local rules/restrictions:

  • Live event: requires permission to host guests at a function with food, beverages & entertainment.
  • Digital event: utilising virtual tools to inspire, engage & amplify.
  • Hybrid: where smaller groups are permitted in a central location & you can livestream to remote audiences.

Build your team of 10+ to form the Project Committee:

  • Form a Project Committee, either from one office, group of friends or contact 10x10HQ and we will help match people.
  • Access the 10×10 Playbook as the step-by-step event management tool.
  • Schedule key workshops with the 10x10HQ team to assist & support the timeline of key milestones and deadlines.
  • The team self-organises into defined roles (like Project Lead, Finance, Marketing etc).

Research & select NFP partners:

  • Discuss & decide the cause areas that matter most – poverty relief, homelessness, disability, food insecurity, mental health distress, domestic violence, minority issues, sickness & more. What matters in your local community?
  • Research, nominate, select & work with for-purpose organisations that are doing the most important work in the local community.
  • Develop knowledge & ideas to deliver a genuine experience & connection with the cause.

Create Impact:

  • Invite people to your live or digital event.
  • Fundraise to help fund the programs that are run by our NFP partners so they can deliver the help where there is great social need in the local community.
  • Inspire volunteers to sign up to remote or physical volunteering projects with your chosen partners.
  • Create awareness for your chosen NFP partners through social media, storytelling & more.

Ready to get involved?

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