The 10×10 model is simple, scalable and replicable. Even better it is based around people having a fun night out!

10x10 Philanthrophy


10 young volunteers form an event committee and invite 10 friends each to a 10×10 event with each contributing a minimum of $100.

10x10 philanthropy - sponsors


Our events are a lot of fun – they are a mix between networking, cocktail event and a pitching contest from our charities – a bit like being in the Shark Tank. We hold them in trendy venues found via our committee’s contacts and the generosity of sponsors– like Google, Facebook, warehouse spaces, disused churches. Our events are fresh as each event is in a different space managed by different committees but with the same 10×10 formula.

10x10 philanthropy


Our events are held in a new place each time. Our committees source locations via corporate sponsors. We look for places that offer a unique and cool vibe. In terms of geography we operate in 4 cities in Australia and 4 cities worldwide.

10x10 Philanthrophy


Our mission is to empower the next generation of giving. By getting more people involved in active philanthropy we not only raise more money for start up charities but we also change our participants longer-term philanthropic activity. Our research shows that 10×10 committee members go onto to get more involved with charities AND give more!

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A new committee is given access to the 10×10 event platform that provides them with all of the information and templates required to run a successful event, including access to 10×10 ticketing platform and social media channels. 10×10 HQ staff also assists to provide encouragement and additional support and guidance. The committee works for approximately 12 weeks to organise a 10×10 event which includes securing a venue, selecting charities, finding a 10×10 #Dragonforgood (who is a prominent business person) and attracting event sponsorship.

On the night guests are then given their $100 back in the form of Charity Dollars to allocate to any of the three charities at the event. The charities each have five minutes to deliver their pitch in the style of the popular Australian TV show Shark Tank. The 10×10 Dragonforgood then puts the tough questions to each charity about their business model and what they will do with the given funds. After the pitches, the audience donates to the charity or charities that inspired them the most. The total each charity raised is announced at the end of the event. It’s never a competition about who receives the most money – it’s always a celebration about receiving much-needed funds and often non-monetary support too. All costs for the event are covered by 10×10’s event sponsors to ensure every dollar raised on the night goes directly to the pockets of the charities. At the end of the night a call is made to the audience for the next 10×10 committee, hands are raised and the process begins all over again.

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