10×10 relies on a special group of incredible, socially minded and driven people who volunteer to make the magic happen for 10×10 all around the world.

What our volunteers say about us

Over 880 committee members have been involved in a 10×10 event so far and 94% of them say they would recommend the experience to a friend. Committee members meet new people, expand their professional networks, gain new skills in teambuilding and leadership, but best of all have fun making a difference!

In interviews with previous 10×10 committee members they identified the following changes through organising the event and supporting the selected charities:

  • I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in what we achieved
  • I feel a sense of engagement and ownership through the contribution I made
  • I expanded my personal and professional networks
  • It accelerated my ability to have impact through my giving
  • It contributed to my knowledge and professional development

Want to join a committee?

If you would like to get involved in a committee download our join a committee flyer and email us at events@10×10 philanthropy.com so we can connect you to your local group. If no group exists in your city and you are super passionate to start 10×10 check out run a 10×10 in my city.

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer?

If you would like to get involved with our selected charities download our “Find Volunteer Opportunities” document or email us at events@10×10 philanthropy.com so we can connect you with the right person.

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