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Banksia Women | Brainwave | Confit Pathways

6pm Tuesday 21 November 2023

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Charity Dollars

Upon arrival, you’ll receive 2 x $50 charity dollar vouchers and after hearing the organisations’ pitch, you get to decide who your donation goes to – it’s all part of the fun of 10×10!


Banksia Women offers support to women who have faced domestic violence. Through ‘Survivors Connect,’ trauma-informed courses, and legal and social work appointments, they empower women to heal and rebuild. Their female practitioners focus on long-term recovery, helping women transition from abuse to a positive and stable life.

Brainwave is committed to aiding families affected by brain injury and illness across Australia. From the point of diagnosis onwards, they provide holistic support in times of crisis and ensure ongoing access to vital information and resources. Brainwave creates a network of support, assisting those whose lives and futures have been altered, to navigate the challenging path towards recovery and understanding.

Confit Pathways is on a mission to reduce recidivism by equipping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated young people with the skills, mindset and community needed to reintegrate into society. Lived experience mentors deliver programs centred around fitness, education and employment in Youth Justice Centres, and also partner with case workers and behavioural schools to support at-risk youth.


1. What does the ‘Shark Tank-style pitch’ involve? How can I participate?

2. How can I contribute to the featured SPOs?

3. Is there a dress code for the event?

4. Is this event exclusive to Goldman Sachs employees or can external guests attend?

Watch charity founders pitch, hear ‘sharks’ ask tough questions, then you can also query the founders before allocating funds.

You can purchase extra charity dollars at the event, then allocate their worth towards the SPOs that resonate with you the most.

Smart/Business Casual

This event is exclusively open to Goldman Sachs employees and clients.

If you have any further questions please email:

Emma Dobbie

Georgina Brookes

Lauren Chapman


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