Social Purpose Organisation Lead


Hello, Superstar!

You have taken on the incredibly exciting role of assisting your Committee to identify three early-stage grassroots social purpose organisations, and manage the relationship with them to optimise their participation in your event.

A quick note on language – we use the term social purpose organisation (SPO) rather than ‘charity’ because the latter generally positions givers and receivers in an inequitable relationship, or connotes feelings of such. It also connotes feelings of pity, or even blame. Instead, we want to focus on the mutually beneficial social contract that is philanthropy, which recognises that helping those more vulnerable benefits us all. More broadly, ‘SPO’ expresses 10×10’s goal to support the social entrepreneurs getting to the root of systemic social problems in a sustainable way. 

10×10 is fairly unique in the philanthropic sector – we provide funding to early-stage charities who often have not established the evidence-base required to attract major funding. But, if they don’t have funding to traverse the early growth stage, how can they ever develop the evidence base? So you see, it’s a risky business we’re in… but that makes it all the more exciting.


In sum, you’ll have a few key jobs:

1. Facilitate the Committee’s selection of 3 innovative early-stage organisations tackling inequality at the grassroots.

2. Reach out to the organisations and handover to 10×10 HQ for compliance.

3. Encourage the organisations to complete our Q&A videos for event promotion, circulate the event invitation in their networks and share their involvement on social media.

4. Coordinate a pitch practice.

5. Provide the organisations with the run sheet created by your Event Production Lead and an overview of what is expected of them on the night

6. Support the organisations on the night itself!

Identifying the Organisations

Your first task is to encourage the Committee to think about the causes that matter most to them. We want you to search the four corners of your city to find the best and the brightest organisations tackling inequality at the grassroots.

*You might see an organisation making waves in another city or state, and if they are open to it, try to support them to scale to your city!

Eligibility Criteria

1. Be registered with the relevant Charitable Body in your country (see below)
2. Provide benevolent relief to the community (see right column)
3. Have a revenue of less than $2m AUD
4. Be no more than 7 years old.

Quantifying the Grassroots

Start-up, emerging, small. 10×10 can make a real difference for organisations that are currently receiving less than (approximately) $2m AUD in revenue, because at this size, the funds and awareness you’ll raise could really be a breakthrough for them.

If the organisation has a revenue of more than $2m or is older than 7 years old, but the committee is really in love with it, find out if they have a specific project you could fund that is smaller and newer. 10×10 can fund organisations, or specific projects of organisations.

Benevolent Cause Areas

Relief of poverty & distress | Accessibility | Equity & inclusion | Health | Mental health | Domestic violence
As 10×10 is a PBI registered (Public Benevolent Institution), we can only support organisations that have a benevolent impact – this means they are human-centred.

*An organisation which provides relief of poverty and distress might also have a positive environmental impact, we just need to make sure that helping the environment is not the organisation’s primary cause area.

Charitable Bodies In Each Country


Australia DGR1
(ATO + ACNC Search)

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

New Zealand

Approved Donee Organisation
(IRD Number)


United States


IRS Tax Exempt
Organization Search

United Kingdom

Registered with Charity Register For England and Wales

Charity Commission UK


Must have ‘Section 46’

Ministry of Justice

Must be registered with Israel Gives


GCWCC Charitable Status
(CCRA + Charities Directorate of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency)
List of Charities – basic search (

*Australian charities may also be auspiced by another registered organisation, or in the process of applying for charitable status, if they can show evidence of this


Now that you’ve told the Committee what makes an organisation eligible, you’re going to have a lot of organisations recorded in the ‘Suggested SPOs’ sheet in the Master Doc located in your Committee’s Google Drive. You’ll also see 10×10 HQ has suggested a few organisations that have passed our due diligence process and we think are worth considering.

Here’s where you’ll come in. Just because an organisation is eligible, doesn’t mean they are suitable.

10×10 is on a mission to empower the next generation of change makers. We want social entrepreneurs, innovating to solve complex social areas in new ways. We want big ideas that will last the distance, we want clear and measurable impact outcomes. We want efficiency, and we want sustainability.


Some questions you can ask to determine if an organisation has the special 10×10 X-factor:

1. Is the organisation meeting emerging or previously neglected needs?

2. What is the organisation doing differently to solve complex social problems in a way different from existing organisations? Can they articulate this?

3. Is the organisation addressing the root of the cause of the problem they are solving?

4. Who else is working in the sector? Can/are they collaborating with them?

5. Does the founder have lived experience of the cause? What is their motivation to solve the issue?

6. How engaging and compelling is their story when they tell it? Do they come across as having the passion, energy and skills to lead the organisation to success?

7. Does the organisation have clear goals, objectives and a plan to achieve sustainability? Is this realistic?

8. Does the organisation have the expertise and resources to achieve the plan? If not, how will they acquire these?

9. Is there a big enough opportunity for the organisation to scale?

10. Are outcomes clearly articulated and measured?

11. Are reporting requirements with the relevant charitable body met?

12. Are they any political alignment or sensitivities we need to be aware of?

*Sustainability refers to reliable ongoing government funding, large scale philanthropic funding or a revenue stream via a social enterprise.

Our Strategic Partnership with Community Capital

Since 2013, 10×10 Philanthropy has engaged volunteers and donors to identify and boost innovative early stage social purpose organisations to accelerate support for vulnerable people. But we wanted something more for our Australian social purpose partners.

Now, through our strategic partnership with Community Capital Credit Fund, the best and the brightest from 10×10’s Australian pipeline have the opportunity to be put forward for vital capacity building funding from Community Capital. Community Capital was created to align investment opportunities with meaningful community-based outcomes. The funding will help the organisations build readiness and capability to scale and leverage their impact.

So in choosing your 3 organisations, you could be setting them up for huge growth – it all starts with the volunteers! You can read more about our partnership with Community Capital here.

Shortlist and Vote

When the Committee has identified the SPOs they’d like to consider, please send them to 10×10 HQ for a final review and compliance check.

Next, you as SPO leads will put forward a shortlist of five organisations, and post a poll in your WhatsApp group chat so that all members can vote on a final three! This is where the suitability questions listed above really come into play.

Curate your SPO Panel

Something to consider when choosing the three organisations is how they fit together. Do you want to establish a theme: homelessness, women’s related charities, mental health? Do you want diverse organisations? It’s up to the Committee, just don’t have two organisations of the same cause area and one different – it’s a strange look, and can result in the two similar organisations feeling pitted against each other.

Make Contact – Lock ‘Em In!

You’ve settled on your final three SPOs! Reach out to each organisation with this template, and cc Caroline from 10×10.

Good morning/afternoon/evening ………,

My name is ……… and I am part of 10×10’s ……… event committee. 

10×10 Philanthropy is on a mission to empower the next generation of giving. We host live crowd-funding events that aim to raise funds and awareness for social entrepreneurs innovating to solve problems that affect our most vulnerable community members. The events also create opportunities for young people to connect with philanthropy and accelerate social change. To date we have engaged 15 000 young people and raised over $5m AUD for more than 350 social purpose organisations! 

Our volunteer committee has discussed the cause areas that matter most to us and picked ……….…… as one of the organisations that we would like to support. We are really inspired by your work and are so excited to extend this invitation to you.

Please find attached a little bit more information about 10×10. 

Cc’d in this email is Caroline from 10×10 HQ. She is 10×10’s Head of Community and Events, and will be your contact person from 10×10. 

Please get back to us if you are interested in being a part of the 10×10 experience. We hope to hear from you!

Kind regards,


*Attach the 10×10 Explainer Doc in your Committee’s Google Drive

If the organisation is interested in the opportunity and wants to proceed, the next steps are to ask them to complete this information request form. 10×10 uses the the form to populate a Services Agreement, which will be sent to the organisation to sign electronically. The information will also help our Digital Marketing Coordinator when it comes time to promote the event! This part of the process (compliance) is all contained in the Social Purpose Partner Explainer doc in your Committee’s Google Drive, if you’re curious.

Often the organisations will respond directly to Caroline first. Don’t be disheartened, they might just want some questions answered from whoever’s in charge. Caroline will follow up with 10×10’s compliance process (the request form and the Services Agreement) and direct them back to you! You are the organisation’s main point of contact for the entirety of the campaign, but 10×10 HQ is here to support you.

Event Promotion

10×10 HQ will work with your Committee’s Marketing Lead to produce an invitation to be distributed via EDM (Mailchimp), LinkedIn and social media. Encourage the organisations to circulate the invitation, as well as any event announcements/posts, with their networks! It’s great promotion for them, for 10×10, for the event itself… and it’s actually a part of their Services Agreement that they share a post or two.

In addition to the event invitation, 10×10’s Digital Marketing Coordinator Callum has created a guide for the organisations to film their own short Q&A videos. In the past we have found these videos to be really successful in drawing guests and donors to the event, and also in promoting awareness of the organisations on social media generally.

*Not all cities will be able to execute this – sometimes the organisations you have chosen to support are too busy on the frontlines of their work. That’s okay, just let us know!


Send the organisations an email with the below template and CC Callum in. He’ll do the rest.

Hi all,

We are excited to be supporting you at the upcoming 10×10 event.

If you have capacity, we’d love for you to film a short Q&A video using this guide created by 10×10’s Digital Marketing Coordinator Callum. 10×10 has found these videos to be successful in drawing guests and donors to the event, and also in promoting awareness of your cause on social media generally. 

You only have to film yourself on a phone with a good quality camera, and send through the rough footage to Callum. He will edit and transform it into a great promotional video!

Here are some examples:

10×10 Brisbane September 2022 – eWaste, FWD, & TIACS combined interview

10×10 Sydney November 2022 – ID Know Yourself Interview

10×10 Auckland November 2022 – Upside Youth Mentoring Interview

These videos take some time to create and will need to be ready at least a week prior to your event to ensure their impact, so the sooner they are filmed the better. Any questions please direct to Callum! If you feel the process will be too time consuming for you, let us know.

Kind regards,
[Your Name]

Meet & Greet and Pitch Practice

Here’s where the fun really starts. You need to coordinate a time for the organisations to meet the Committee who has chosen to support them, and to practice their pitch for the event! In the lead up to pitch practice, provide the organisations with the Pitch Preparation Doc in your Committee Google Drive Folder, which is a copy of the pitch preparation information below.

The meeting can be done online if needs be, but whether online or in person, we strongly suggest you get all 3 charities together – it creates a sense of unity, motivates them to participate and makes it all feel real.

If your Committee has sourced a Shark by this time, invite them along to pitch practice, too. Sharks have lots of advice to share with the organisations, and can brainstorm strategic questions to ask the organisations so they can fit more into their time on stage!

The Pitch

A compelling pitch is a key feature of a 10×10 event. A great pitch can be the difference between breakthrough funding for the organisations to really deepen their impact!

Ensure they have the right spokesperson – ideally the founder will pitch, but they certainly don’t have to – whoever it is needs to be passionate about their cause and well spoken.


Key aspects a pitch should cover are:

The Charity Mission
What is the founder’s passion and what drives them?

The Model
How it works, why is it innovative or unique?

Impact Outcomes
What does success look like?

Use of Funds
How will the funds raised be used? Is anything else needed (warehouse, volunteers)?

Sustainability and scalability
What is the sustainability and scalability of the model?

Guide to creating a good pitch:


Tell the audience your story and/or the story of why and how the charity was started. Try to include an example of someone’s life you’ve changed through your charity – the audience loves a personal anecdote.


Provide context for the problem e.g. over 5,000 people suffer from mental health in Australia.


Explain what it is you’re doing to help solve the problem. Why is your method unique and innovative? Is your model scalable and sustainable? Do you want to scale?


Show the audience the impact of your charity and what you have achieved already. This will help people feel like what you are doing is working and supporting you will help you do make even more of an impact.


Ideally, give the audience numbers they can grasp in the format of giving handles.

E.g. Every $10 pays for a fresh food box that provides one meal to a family of four. With $50, we can provide one week of dinners to that family. Your $100 donation means we can add bananas to every food box.


In addition to funds, you might need something else to assist your work – volunteers? A warehouse or venue? Someone to connect you with pro bono legal assistance? Some of the best results from a 10×10 event are the non-financial connections made on the night.

Pitch Examples:

Eat Up | Orange Sky | Vanguard Laundry

After they have rehearsed, make sure the organisations have covered their key aspects and provide feedback if necessary – we want them to succeed! Practice asking them questions too, using the Shark question bank, to ensure answers are passionate and engage the audience. You might like to film the practice pitches or record the call if the rehearsal is online, so that the organisations can watch themselves back and adjust accordingly.

Access a version of this information to share with the organisations in your Committee’s Google Drive folder.

Event Slide Deck

For the event, each organisation can provide 3-5 slides to appear behind them on stage. This information is included in the Pitch Preparation doc you will have sent them. Slides can be sent in a draft format to 10×10’s Digital Marketing Coordinator Callum, who will integrate them into the event slide deck.

Slides should include pictures, some text, impact outcomes and clear asks, if appropriate. The organisations might like to include giving handles, which can help guests to feel confident understanding how their donation will be translated directly into impact.


Every $10 pays for a fresh food box that provides one meal to a family of four.
With $50, we can provide one week of dinners to that family.
Your $100 donation means we can add bananas to every food box.

It is important that the slide deck does not have any video content – not all organisations have the resources to produce videos, and we want to keep the playing field even. In addition, videos add time to the 5 minute pitch and give an unfair advantage.

Lining Up Your Ducks

You’ll need to provide the organisations with the run sheet created by your Event Production Lead, so they know exactly when they should arrive at the venue (we suggest a little bit earlier than the event start time, so they can familiarise themselves with the venue and get comfortable). The run sheet will have the venue address and key contact details, and key time stamps.

Provide an event overview

Outline how the event will run to the organisations, and let them know exactly what is expected of them:

1. Guests will arrive and settle in

2.10×10 will introduce the evening

3. The first organisation will get up on stage at pitch to the audience for 5 minutes (there will be a reminder bell at 4 minutes). They can have 3-5 slides behind them (organised by 10×10’s Digital Marketing Coordinator), but cannot show any videos

4. The Shark will question them for 5 minutes

5. The audience will then ask questions for up to 5 minutes

6. The process will repeat until all 3 organisations have pitched

7. Guests will mingle and allocate their charity dollars. The charities should try to mingle during this time, too

8. Votes will be counted and total funds raised will be announced

The Night Itself

On the night, you’ll be the contact for the organisation representatives. Make sure your phone is on so you can assist if anyone can’t find the venue / has had an emergency of some sort!

Be sure to have each organisation ready to deliver their pitches at the right time – let them know how much time before they’re due on stage etc. so they can run to the bathroom or have a last drink.

After pitches are finished, guests will get out of their seats, grab a drink and mingle. During this time they will allocate their charity dollars – encourage the organisations to talk to guests and network! Every vote counts! Also, they might connect with someone who can’t necessarily offer them money, but wants to volunteer their time in another way. Some of the best results of 10×10 are these sorts of connections that develop – after all, you don’t need to be a millionaire to make a difference!

Campaign Wrap Up

10×10’s relationship with the charities will continue into the future, as 10×10 HQ transfers funds raised, measures impact outcomes and potentially supports the organisations through corporate events and Community Capital funding.

To wrap up your role, seek any feedback from the organisations, including pictures and even quotes on their experience to be used in the Annual Impact Report. Save pictures in the Event Photos folder in your Committee’s Google Drive Folder, and forward any anecdotes or quotes to Caroline from 10×10 HQ.

Orange Sky: A 10×10 Case Study

In 2015, the 10x10SYD Project Committee discovered that two millennials had innovated to solve a problem by fitting a van with washing machines and clothes dryers to clean clothes for Brisbane’s homeless people. They decided that Sydney’s homeless community needed help too.

10x10SYD wrote the start-up budget and helped with the strategic plan to bring Orange Sky Laundry to Sydney. Raised $19k.

Orange Sky Laundry was supported at a 10×10 Corporate event, and received a second boost of funding.

Orange Sky Laundry has gone on to become the charity success story of the decade, and founders Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett were 2016 YA Australians of the Year and received OAMs in 2020.

In October 2020, 10×10 Auckland supported the start up of Orange Sky Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, an important part of the establishment of the organisation in New Zealand.

It’s no longer only about washing and drying clothes, Orange Sky now also provide showers and the kindness of conversation, through the coordination of thousands of volunteers in all states of AUS and NZ.


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10