How To Run A 10×10 Event

Welcome to the 10x10 Team!

As a new member of this growing global movement, you are now a vital part of our passionate community of changemakers. Your involvement is key to creating lasting impact in philanthropy.

This 10×10 Playbook is your guide to success, providing detailed instructions on how to self-allocate roles, collaborate with your team, and launch an effective campaign. You’ll find units tailored to each role, complete with templates, links, and creative ideas. Feel free to explore the sections that apply to your role. Remember, 10×10 HQ is here to support you. Your input is crucial as we strive to grow and achieve more for grassroots organisations worldwide. We eagerly anticipate the incredible work you’ll contribute to this vital cause.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

HQ Team

Chief Executive Officer

Consult me for expertise in:

Leadership | Strategy | Fundraising | Operations

Digital Marketing Coordinator

I’m your go-to for:

EDMs | Flyers | Social Media | Website | Graphics | Videos

Caroline Geoghegan
Head of Community and Events

Reach out for help with:

Advice on Event Logistics and Best Practise | Access to 10×10 Community Networks | Support Securing Sponsorship

On the Night

Roles and responsibilities on the night should be allocated 2 weeks prior to the event. In general, the event committee can decide who does what role (for example, some people don’t like speaking in front of crowds, so may choose a role that doesn’t involve this). However, CHARITY LEAD(S) should be responsible in greeting the Shark/dragon and charities, as well as counting the charity dollars.

You can  find a detailed description of the responsibilities on the night here.

[AUS ONLY] The PROJECT LEAD(S) will be responsible on the night to liaise with 10x10HQ regarding the reconciliation sheet and amount raised to be announced on the nigh

Run Sheet

Check out this event run sheet as a way to get stated.

Make sure setup is conducive to an engaged audience – everyone can hear/ see, opportunity to mingle during breaks

Setup and test of AV equipment

Check food and beverage on track

Give each charity a table where they can station themselves to receive the charity dollars and hand out any information

Ensure there are chairs to seat at least 40% of guests (min), up to 80/90% if venue can accommodate

The Event Agenda

  1. Set Up
  2. Arrival of charities, photographer…
  3. Guest arrival & check in (drinks, catering, signage, sale of raffle tickets, silent auction…)
  4. Start of event: guests asked to be seated
  5. MC welcome and introduction 10×10
  6. Introduction Dragon/Shark
  7. Dragon/Shark speaks
  8. Charity pitches + Dragon/Shark and audience questions
  9. MC explanation pledging process, mention of silent auction and raffle,
  10. Pledging and break
  11. Call for new 10×10 committee members, see example here
  12. Guests seated again for
    1. silent auction announcement
    2. raffle draw
    3. live auction
    4. final announcement
  13. Project Lead to invite charities up for announcement of pledge results
  14. MC Closing closing statement and thank yous
  15. End of event

The 10×10 Project Committee Cycle