AltruIndigenous Futures Foundation | What Ability Foundation

6pm-9pm, 5 October 2023 | Birrunga Gallery, 300 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Join us for an exciting 10×10 Brisbane live event

You will attend as a guest of our volunteer project committee, with complimentary drinks and canapes provided.

Spots are limited! Make a tax-deductible $100 pledge per attendee to attend this special event in support of our three social purpose partners. Upon arrival, you’ll receive 2 x $50 charity dollar vouchers, and after hearing the organisations’ pitch, you get to decide who your donation goes to – it’s all part of the fun of 10×10!


Altru is revolutionising the way society tackles destitution and social inequalities. Through its annual Altru Festival, the organisation offers immediate, on-site access to essential services such as medical care and job skills for at-risk youth and marginalised communities. Each attendee is paired with a volunteer guide, forming meaningful human connections designed to result in lasting change. The organisation extends its impact through one-on-one mentoring and tutoring programs, offering continuous support and resources for long-term success.

Indigenous Futures Foundation is reimagining how we approach food justice and crisis recovery among Australia’s First Nation communities. The organisation’s cornerstone initiative, the First Nations Food Security Project, addresses the urgent food crisis through large-scale emergency food relief. Simultaneously, it offers educational programs focused on nutrition and healthy eating. Their social enterprise platform, Love Ya, fosters community empowerment and serves as an advocacy hub for food equity. With a clear mission to end the food crisis in First Nation communities, Indigenous Futures Foundation advocates for a future where all have access to nourishing food, fostering well-being, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

What Ability Foundation is on a mission to unlock experiences for people living with a disability or diminished capacity and their families. Their vision is to create an inclusive community across Australia. What Ability Foundation unlocks experiences by partnering with sports, adventure, accommodation, dining, and entertainment organisations. Their goal is to provide ONE MILLION experiences to people with a disability by 2026!


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10