With 10x10 Philanthropy

6pm-9pm, 7th March 2024 | Tattersalls Club: 181 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000

Consent Labs | The Cova Project | Re-Love

Join 10×10 Philanthropy for an evening packed full of entertainment, complimentary food & drink and a very exciting raffle and auction.

This event will support three grassroots charities in raising funds and awareness to enable them to continue carrying out the invaluable work they are doing for the community. The chosen charities are committed to taking strong and affirmative action to help alleviate suffering in disaster-stricken areas, support refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in crisis, and provide crucial assistance to children who have faced trauma in their early years.

Consent Labs
Changing the culture around sexual education

Go Dharmic
Providing safe sanitary care to women in developing communities across Africa

A free store for people in crisis to shop for everything they need to furnish their new home

Tickets to the event are £60. On arrival, you’ll receive 2 x pledge tokens of £30. Each charity will tell you more about themselves on the night and then you decide who your donation goes to – all part of the 10×10 fun! Can’t decide where to place your donation? Don’t worry, there’s also a chance to buy more pledge tokens on the night!

We can’t wait to see you there!
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We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10