Our Mission

To empower the next generation of changemakers.

Our Platform

10×10 exists to empower volunteers who seek a life of purpose. Accessing 10×10’s tools, resources and knowledge, volunteers collaborate to identify the most compelling cause areas and connect with corresponding social purpose organisations, then organise an engaging event to raise funds and awareness. Together we are contributing invaluable support to the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Our Stories


In 2015, 10×10 discovered the world’s first free mobile laundry serving the homeless community in Brisbane.

By engaging a new network of supporters, we raised $19k to launch an Orange Sky facility in Sydney.

In 2022, Orange Sky has grown to deliver circa $10m p.a. as social impact in Australia & New Zealand.

Orange Sky co-founders Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett (above left) are an excellent example of social entrepreneurs whose mission has benefited from early stage and ongoing support from 10×10. Since they were identified and boosted by 10×10 volunteers, Nic and Lucas’ innovation has been recognised internationally by President Barack Obama as part of the Obama Foundation Leaders Program and locally when honoured as Young Australians of the Year in 2016.


In 2014, 10×10 volunteers discovered Fighting Chance with entrepreneurial solutions to long term disability problems.

10×10 raised funds & awareness to help move the dial for Australians with a disability and their families.

Fighting Chance connected through 10×10 with a major donor to significantly scale & catalyse their impact.

Laura O’Reilly (left) co-founded Fighting Chance with her brothers Jordan and Shane. Shane was a bubbly intelligent young man who wanted make a real contribution using his skills and talents. He also happened to have profound Cerebral Palsy. Together they imagined a new future for disability and today Fighting Chance is supporting more than 1,000 people. In 2021 Laura was awarded an Order of Australia for services to the disability community.


At the peak of the first 2020 wave, in the city hardest hit by the pandemic, 10x10NY discovered Father Mike & Hungry Monk Rescue Truck.

By engaging a new network of supporters, 10×10 raised $20k and many vital volunteers to help NY’s homeless community.

Pivotal funds helped people suffering food insecurity + people confronted by homelessness and Covid.

It was a time when our news feeds were dominated by the horrendous death toll and living conditions in New York and the whole world was paralysed by the fear of infection. Yet 10×10’s brave volunteers both stepped up to volunteer to pack food boxes, drive trucks and ramp-up Hungry Monk’s output. Meanwhile, they were amongst the first in the world to organise online activities from cocktail making to yoga and Booty Blast. The finale event featured musicians JT Roach and Allison Gordon to raise funds, awareness and more volunteers for Father Mike and Hungry Monk Rescue Truck.


In 2021 our volunteers discovered Ocean Heroes were sharing the thrill and wonder of surfing with Perth’s Autism community.

By inspiring a live audience of 265 pax, 10x10PER raised over $60k to fast track a plan to help more families.

Surfing produces breakthrough results for children on the autism spectrum, inc. a genuine connection with inner-abilities, physical strength & confidence.

Ocean Heroes co-founders Sam Moyle (L) and Luke Hallam (R) captured the hearts and minds of the audience at our first Perth 10×10 in 2021. Children on the autism spectrum have experienced breakthrough results and these have impacted whole families, plus their school and wider communities.  Beyond a significant financial boost, Ocean Heroes have also found much needed support with strategic & business planning from highly skilled 10×10 volunteers.