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10×10 relies on a special group of incredible changemakers who volunteer to join a 10×10 campaign and make a meaningful contribution to help vulnerable people who are most in need.

What our volunteers say about us

Over 1,050 Project Committee members have been involved in 10×10 events so far and 94% of them say they would recommend the experience to a friend. Our volunteers love to meet new people, expand their professional networks, gain new skills in teambuilding and leadership, but best gain a huge sense of achievement.

Past 10×10 Project Committee members made the following statements during interviews to talk about the experience of partnering with inspiring, innovative and early stage social purpose organisations:

  • “I was drawn to 10×10 for its incredibly unique approach to philanthropy – offering some of Australia’s most important and impactful charities an innovative and engaging platform to generate engagement and support. As a part of the 10×10 Brisbane Committee, I am able to work with a truly diverse team of likeminded individuals, driven to make a real positive impact to the lives of those in need.” – Brendan Huehne, 10×10 Brisbane
  • “I love the 10×10 platform because it provide organizations who are on the frontlines of community impact with a different, innovative platform to amplify and support their mission and impact. There’s a palpable connectivity that is built between donors and supporters and participating organizations that I feel can multiply and grow relationships far outside of a one-off campaign.” – Meg Dismer, 10×10 Auckland
  • “Personally and professionally, being a part of 10×10 has taken me out of my comfort zone, which is wonderful, and also more importantly allowed me to feed my passion for philanthropy!” – Amanda Graham, 10×10 Sydney
  • “Change so often comes from the ground up. 10×10 provides a path for the most innovative social change-makers to make a large scale difference. To play a tiny, tiny part in the events 10×10 put on across 6 countries is incredibly rewarding.” – Alex Barrat, 10×10 Corporate

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