Empowering employees as changemakers

A clear sense of purpose, consistent values and genuine engagement with key stakeholders are well understood as distinguishing features of the greatest companies. The quality and authenticity of employee, client, customer, supplier and local community relationships are constantly monitored and judgement delivered through revenues and resignations.

Meanwhile, understanding how great companies demonstrate their purpose, live their values and meaningfully engage with their stakeholders is less certain. 10×10 is a proven solution.

10×10 Corporate Events are 6-8 week initiatives that engage your employee group to collaborate for meaningful social impact. 10x10HQ works with you to recruit a core team of volunteers and then works to provide the resources and support to: elevate the impact of your CSR budget; de-risk your CSR decision making by empowering your people, and; boost the most innovative and inspiring leaders from the charitable sector who have the greatest potential to help local people who are suffering, disadvantaged and in need.

10×10 is great fun for both our volunteers and event guests, but we also aim to deliver a very impactful experience. Some 10×10 volunteers have shared that being involved in selecting the NFP partners and learning about the heroes working at the grassroots in our community can be life changing, particularly where they can see a direct and immediate benefit for vulnerable people.

In our experience, Millennials and Gen Z’s are quick to volunteer and get involved, emphasising that they want to live purpose driven lives and seek significant opportunities to give to their local community. 10×10 provides the platform to maximise skills, networks and rally support from the stakeholder group to contribute to those in need.

Our volunteers have overwhelmingly agreed that volunteering for a 10×10 Project Committee provides real-world leadership and teamwork skills, helps develop new networks, leads to a strong sense of pride for their employer, plus a sense of personal satisfaction.

10×10 provides partner NFPs with a boost in funds, awareness and skilled volunteers that can have a significant impact upon the organisation. In addition, the inspiring connections formed in a 10×10 event often grow to become significant funding and volunteering relationships to our early stage and innovative changemaker NFPs. This has included invaluable skilled volunteering – legal, financial, strategic, network and administrative specialists have supported and joined NFP boards. Once partnered with 10×10, we work to provide ongoing opportunities and this has included funding to grow across the 10×10 network in multiple countries.

Once purely a live, in-person events model, 10×10 has adapted. We’re now capable of delivering in-person, digital and hybrid structures to help connect teams that have been disrupted by WFH or challenged by distances. Focused on the inherent benefits of a solid Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, 10×10 offers a better way to inspire staff to become great corporate citizens and help to make the world a better place.

The 10×10 model is different as a CSR initiative because:

  • It empowers your employees to make decisions about responsible social investment – they research and choose the cause and the benefactor;
  • It offers a way for stakeholders to get directly involved with social purpose and mutual aid organisations;
  • The event features remarkable stories of genuine community need, inspires with their innovative strategies and compelling work to solve problems within the most complex and heart wrenching situations.

Research* endorses the positive brand impact associated with effective corporate social responsibility, including:

  • Enhancing corporate reputation of an organisation;
  • Trust development amongst employees;
  • Method of communicating organisational consideration for the wellbeing of communities where it conducts business.

*References impact of CSR on stakeholder relationships/loyalty and trust:

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We have a unique chance to enormous global good – we have the network of motivated Millennials and Gen Z’s all around the world, the track record of delivering against our mission and we’d love to get your company involved – reach out to 10x10HQ find out more.

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