10x10 UK Lockdown Mental Health Special

Join us on what we hope to be the last night of England’s latest lockdown to celebrate & raise funds for three amazing charities delivering critical mental health & wellbeing services across the UK in these Unprecedented Times™


Set up to empower the next generation of giving, 10×10 has run 92 events worldwide since its founding in 2013. In the UK, we’ve been running since 2017, putting on 10 volunteer run events, supporting 30 grassroots nonprofits and raising over £200,000. 

To close out 2020 we’re taking 10×10 digital, and we’d love for you to join us. It’s pretty simple really; all you have to do is:

  1. Pledge to attend
  2. Turn up on 2nd December to the first UK 10×10 Digital Event
  3. Learn about three amazing organisations
  4. Vote for the organisations you want your pledge to support
  5. Maybe bid on an auction item, pledge to volunteer, or just have a great evening in support of a great cause!
  6. Become a valued member of the global 10×10 community

Please sign up and pledge to join us in support of three organisations:

Mikey’s Line
The Listening Place

These nonprofits have been genuine lifelines to vulnerable people through the pandemic. All the money you pledge to attend will be allocated to the organisations according to your votes.

We know this year has been tough for everyone, but these organisations are struggling to survive financially while also buckling under the pressure of increased demand. Your support has never mattered more.

The more you pledge, the more votes you will have to allocate your money across our awesome organisations. Click here to make a pledge.

You’ll receive your invitation to attend the digital event after making a pledge.


We have scoured the UK for three, amazing, grassroots organisations providing mental health and wellbeing services, and who have really stepped up to support communities through the pandemic. You can find out more about the organisations we’re supporting below.

Mikeysline was founded in 2015, in direct response to rising suicide rates in the Highland area, which is increasing 15% year on year. Mikeysline serve chronic and acute loneliness, emotional distress and mental health issues to prevent the tragic loss of lives across the region, with an increasing focus on prevention.

Mikeysline deliver support primarily through digital channels, including their pioneering textline, as well as via Twitter, Facebook and webchat; they also run in person drop-in services through The Hive in Inverness.

During the lockdown, contacts increased three-fold to Mikeysline’s textline and to their call-back service put in place when the Hive had to temporarily close. On a nightly basis Mikesyline staff and volunteers supported individuals in crisis, who had limited or no access to any other support during this time. Following the easing of the restrictions and the reopening of the Hive at the end of August, many new and an increasing number of young people have accessed the face to face support at the Hive as well as through the text-based services.  An additional priority for Mikeysline during this time, was to ensure that the profile of Mikeysline remained high, so that people knew about the support available and could access it easily.

Primarily staffed by volunteers who themselves have either experienced or supported others with mental health challenges, Mikeysline is truly embedded in the Highland community. We’re delighted to be able to support them through this event.

The Listening Place (TLP) was founded in 2015 by former Samaritan director Sarah Anderson, who strongly believed more could be done to support the suicidal in the UK. The Listening Place is the only charity offering free, ongoing, face-to-face, confidential suicide support in London. Support is delivered by highly-trained volunteers and continues for as long as the person needs.

From accepting 9 referrals a month in their first month, The Listening Place now accepts 250 monthly referrals across a network of 122 partner organisations which include The British Transport Police, King’s College Hospital and the British Red Cross. We are open 7 days a week 9am to 9pm.

Throughout this turbulent year, they have flexed and built capacity to deal with demand, switching to telephone-based support during the first lockdown before reopening to face-to-face support in July. As Coronavirus continues to disrupt lives – and particularly the lives of vulnerable people – the support TLP offers is needed now more than ever.

TLP is ambitious about growth: they have one fully operational premises and are in the process of opening a second in North London, increasing their capacity by 60%.

The Listening Place’s model is replicable, low-cost and simple: ordinary people trained to support the suicidal and we have a growing body of evidence that this model is effective in reducing suicidality. We’re delighted to be able to support them through this event.

BLAM UK (Black Learning Achievement and Mental UK) is an award winning advocacy, education and mental health nonprofit for the Black Community in the UK. Their focus is on teaching Black history in schools, providing free racial wellness virtual therapy, and providing safe spaces and support groups.

BLAM formally began as a community outreach event in the spring of 2017. The event garnered a lot of interest due to its acclaimed panel (including Diane Abbott MP, Karl Lokko and Viv Ahmun) and the compelling debate.

Following the murder of George Floyd and the additional challenges caused by the COVID-19, mental health within the Black community has suffered, with increased numbers of people experiencing anxiety and depression. In direct response, BLAM UK launched Zuri Therapy, connecting certified Black therapists with the community to help individuals begin their healing process for racial trauma.

Through the pandemic, BLAM UK launched a free online Black learning platform, and a Black History App to help make Black History more accessible for young people.

BLAM UK believe that Black people must be able to affirm racial identity to sustain and foster a positive definition of themselves, and in addition champion teaching Black narratives in schools and in the community. They are building those opportunities to make narratives accessible to all, and we are delighted to be supporting them through this event.

Support these incredible charities

Support these incredible charities

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Join us in supporting these amazing, grass roots organisations providing mental health and wellbeing services;
Mikeysline, The Listening Place and BLAM UK.


We’re delighted to announce that Jonny Benjamin will be our Dragon for the night.

After an amazing stint hosting our event in February this year, we’re so excited to have Luke Kempner back to host our live auction and entertain us with some of his epic standup and impressions throughout the evening.

The more you pledge, the more votes you will have to allocate your money across our awesome organisations.

You’ll receive your invitation to attend the digital event after making a pledge.

The Auction

Estimated Value: £400

Estimated Value: £300

Estimated Value: £300

Estimated Value: £200

Estimated Value: £400

Estimated Value: £400

Estimated Value: £300

Estimated Value: £240

Estimated Value: £400

Estimated Value: £200

Become a volunteer

Looking for a way to get more meaningfully involved with your community?
Here’s how you can get involved with Mikeysline, The Listening Place and BLAM UK.

Mikeysline are always looking for people to get involved in fundraising or provide support for those in times of difficulty.

The Listening Place need volunteers who have time to offer non-judgemental, warm, caring, empathetic, support to their visitors.

BLAM UK are looking for always looking for Youth Project workers to join their ongoing projects on a voluntary basis.

These organisations need your help to continue the amazing work they do.

More volunteer opportunities will be available soon, follow our socials or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.


A big thank you to all of partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10.

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