At 10×10 we have supported almost 300 social purpose organisations to deliver programs that will ease the suffering of the most vulnerable people in our local communities. Our Project Committees choose partners who:

Provide innovative solutions to the problems faced by people within our established cause areas

Are early stage or start up, grassroots organisations who need a boost to accelerate their growth

Have an organisation that is capable of leveraging 10x10's contribution to help people who are suffering and in needand an awesome story to tell

Are a registered not-for-profit in their local jurisdiction (eg. in Australia have PBI and DGR status, with an equivalent in other countries)

What our social purpose partners say about us

10×10 provides social purpose partners with a unique platform to tell their story and connect with a new audience. The outcomes are so much more than just receiving additional funding. In many cases many of our volunteers go on to work with the organisations.

A recent survey of 10×10 social purpose partners revealed:

  • 84.62% say the funds made a substantial difference to their organisation
  • 92.31% say they would recommend 10×10 to other charities
  • 50% of social purpose partners had people provide volunteering support post event

Here are just a few nice things our social purpose partners have said about 10×10:

  • “10×10 is such an amazing organisation, it finds community grassroots organisations doing incredible work. They reached out to us when we had just a couple of vans in Brisbane and Victoria and gave us a platform to launch into Sydney and then extend far beyond that. Orange Sky now has 33 services across Australia and New Zealand,” Orange Sky 
  • “The best thing was gaining exposure to a room full of new people who then learn about the work we do,” batyr

We have almost 300 social purpose partners worldwide

Our Project Committees select partners who are effectively solving complex problems for vulnerable people who are suffering and in need.

Wanting to get your organisation involved?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a 10×10 social purpose partner, please get in touch!

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