Sophie Targett-Adams

Sophie is a passionate digital marketer, with over 10 years experience in advertising, working at eBay and Google. Originally from London UK, Sophie moved to New York with Google in 2017, and is now Manager of Global Partnerships Solutions for Media & Entertainment, helping to bring the most creative, inspiring and immersive entertainment experiences to the world through Google’s technology.

After attending the inaugural 10×10 London event, and being so inspired by the work 10×10 were doing, Sophie went on to launch the US market, which has enabled her to drive the 10×10 mission of inspiring younger communities to make incremental social change. Whilst being part of 10×10 US, Sophie also had the opportunity to extend her knowledge & skills to be on the board of Geeks Rule for the past 4 years, who were one of the original 10×10 New York’s organizations!