Marketing & Communications Lead


The Marketing and Communications Leads will work closely with Callum, 10×10’s Digital Marketing Coordinator, to provide creative direction to the Project Committee and aid the event promotion process. Your contributions will help grow 10×10’s global movement through planning, producing, and promoting engaging content which will be shared across the committee and 10×10’s media channels. We encourage you to create content using 10×10’s Canva account. Please reach out to Callum for access.

Callum Sowden
10×10 Digital Marketing Coordinator

10×10 Brand Guidelines

Brand Colours:
Aqua – RGB 68, 217, 230 / #44d9e6
Black – RBG 000 / #000000
White – RGB 255, 255, 255 / #ffffff

Brand Fonts:
Headings – Montserrat Bold
Body – Montserrat

Utilise 10×10’s Social Media with Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows users to manage 10×10’s Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In accounts.

Username & Password:
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Create a Communications Plan

To ensure a consistent and engaging online presence leading up to our 10×10 event, we need a detailed communications plan outlining when and what to post across our digital channels. You will be required to complete this and have it reviewed and approved by 10×10 HQ who will schedule the content for you.

Here’s a guideline for how to create your plan:

  1. Type of Post: EDM (Electronic Direct Mail), social media tile, short-form video, long-form video, or story.
  2. Date/Time to Post: Set exact dates and times for each post. To ensure consistency and catch our audience when they are most active.
  3. Content of Post: What the post will contain? Eg. Is it an event teaser? A speaker highlight? Or a sponsor shout-out?
  4. Copy: Draft a suitable caption for each post. Please be mindful of our brand voice and messaging. Note: All captions may be slightly edited by 10×10 HQ for brand consistency.
  5. Review and Approval: Before going live, every post should be reviewed and approved by 10×10 HQ to ensure it aligns with our messaging and goals. Please submit your communication plan to Callum.

Create Social Media Posts

Recommended social media post concepts:

Please send all socials posts to Callum for approval prior to posting

Once the organisations have been selected, you might like to create a ‘reveal’ post, who they are, what they do and a link to each of their websites.

Once the Shark/Dragon has been selected, you might like to create a ‘reveal’ post, who they are, what they do and a link to their work or their LinkedIn.

Other ‘reveal’ posts to be included in the lead-up to the event might be sponsors who have supplied the venue or catering, as well as particularly exciting raffle and auction prizes.

Event Reminder:
Create reminder social posts to keep the audience informed and engaged. Consider posting two weeks out, one week out, and again in the days leading up to the event. Utilising Instagram stories with an event link button can be particularly effective in this strategy.

Create The Event Flyer

The invitation will be distributed by the Project Committee across social channels, including 10×10 HQ socials, and will be sent to the 10×10 network via EDM. Invitations should be ready for distribution one month before the event.

The invitation should include all relevant details: sponsors, date, time, venue, organisations, Shark, food and beverages, dress code (e.g. smart casual). If not all details are confirmed, we can announce them in promotional posts when they are!

Invitations should also include 10×10’s global corporate sponsor logos, accessible in Canva (Callum can run you through this). Please be on alert for any conflicts with these sponsors and be in touch with 10×10 HQ if you see a problem. 

Create a Facebook or LinkedIn Event

Create an event and share it with your network. This is an opportunity for you to shout out to your network and show them what you’ve been up to outside of work. Plus the more people who attend your event, the better the outcome for your SPOs – the more the merrier!

Be sure to include all necessary details, including a link to the event page and relevant promo materials that have been created.

[OPTIONAL] Campaign Video

One of the most effective ways to generate excitement for the 10×10 event is by creating an engaging campaign video. As the Marketing & Communications Lead, your responsibility is to organise Q&A videos with each organisation, then send them to Callum for editing. Ensure filming is complete at least 3 weeks before the event for sufficient editing and distribution time.

Example Campaign Videos

Specifications for Filming Interviews with SPO Representatives:

Conciseness: Encourage responses within 10-20 seconds for engagement and ease of editing.

Format: Record in 16:9 aspect ratio (landscape) for modern device compatibility.

Lighting: Ensure proper illumination to avoid harsh shadows or glare.

Steadiness: Use a tripod for a consistent camera angle.

Framing: Frame from the waist up (preferably standing) for a professional appearance.

Sound: Use a high-quality microphone for clear audio and minimal background noise.

Background: Select a neat, non-distracting location, possibly at the charity’s premises, ensuring consistent lighting throughout the interview.

Standard Interview Questions:

1. Introduction: Briefly describe who you are/what you do.

2. Motivation: Why did you establish your organisation? “I/we established this organisation because…”

3. Impact of Donation: What impact would a $100 donation (or equivalent) have on your organisation?

4. Future Vision: Where do you see the organisation in 5 years? “In five years’ time, I see our organisation…”

5. Community Impact: What effect has your organisation had on the community?

Campaign Follow Up

When the campaign is finished, Callum will begin follow up communications – social media posts and an EDM. These posts aim to:

Announce a fundraising total.

Thank Guests, Major donors, & Sponsors for their participation in our global movement and contributions to the event.

Remind supporters of the organisations so they can stay updated about them as they grow with the valuable funds raised.

Call out for new volunteers for the next Project Committee.

On the Night – Instagram Stories

Your specific on-the-night roles will be determined by the committee. However, ensure you actively contribute to 10×10’s Instagram story by filming key moments and resharing others’ stories.

Your active participation on Instagram stories will help create a dynamic and engaging online presence for the event, furthering 10×10’s mission of supporting grassroots charities.


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10