Unit 6: Marketing & Comms Lead

6.0 Overview

The Marketing and Communications Leads will work closely with Callum, the Digital Marketing Coordinator, to provide all the resources, creative and leadership to the Project Committee to aid the entire event process. Your time in this role will also make a big contribution to building our global movement through engaging content. Built around our mission to ’empower the next generation of philanthropy’, we aim to fill the room/Webinar at your 10×10 event, also hope to inspire your audience to a lifetime of philanthropy.

It all starts with your first comms! Let’s give you some examples of the work from other cities to get your creativity going:

10x10 BRIS Promo

10x10 ADE Committee

10x10 MEL Campaign

10x10 NY Campaign

10x10 AKL Campaign

10x10 LA Campaign

10x10 MEL Committee

10x10 AKL Committee

6.1 Marketing Timeline

This section is an overview of the 10×10 Marketing and Communications process and will assist you in understanding the overall marketing communications requirements of the project, plus developing a clear timeline of activities. These are the tasks outlined within this unit:

1) Timeline: Map your Marketing and Communications Plan into a timeline, including the contents of this task list;

2) Log-ins: Access the necessary logins and passwords for the various 10×10 marketing resources;

3) Event Landing Page: The Event Page will be linked to most of your comms as the call-to-action of your promotional content – the way to register for a Webinar, donate, buy a ticket to a live event, volunteer and more.

4) Donation page: is the crowdfunding page where payments can be received and a tax deductible donation receipt delivered (or scheduled).

5) Invitation: This will probably be the first impression that your audience has of 10×10, so this is your chance to make it a great impression!

6) Facebook Event: Create an event on FB and share it in your Project Committee FB group so that everybody can share to their own socials.

7) Invitation EDM: Reach out to 10x10HQ to get the ball rolling as soon as you have your event page content and invitation ready. 10x10HQ will build an eDM to target previous 10×10 supporters and guests, deployed via MailChimp. Ideally this will be at least one month before the event to get in early into busy diaries.

8) Social Media Marketing Action: Put together the appropriate designs for use on socials – there are plenty of templates and designs from previous Project Committees on Canva if you need inspiration or guidance. A simple template available here.

9) Post-Event Thank You: Complete this ASAP after the event. Design a post to highlight the stories, fundraising outcome and other features of the event. Include plenty of pictures of your guests, sponsors, Charities and Shark, while leading with a focus upon the Project Committee. See Canva for design ideas from previous events.

10) Thank You eDM: Forward the above content to 10x10HQ ASAP after the event which will be included in the email to thank all the contributors to your event success.


  • Photo Album: Create a photo album with event photos on FB and invite other Project Committee members to add their pics too.
  • Talk to your Project Committee to find out if they want to create and print branded t-shirts for the Project Committee to wear on the night (usually cost around $20 and occasionally a sponsor will supply these as a contribution).
  • If there are any delays in locking in details that will slow the process of distributing invitations, please encourage the Project Committee to ensure that at least an event date is locked in so a ‘Save The Date’ can be sent.

TIP: Ideally you will be able to complete as much of the design and recruit volunteers and pro bono sponsors to perform skilled tasks, however Verina is a fix-it whiz. From fine tuning videos to whipping up designs, get in touch if you need her help!

6.2 Key Logins and Brand Guidelines


Fonts: Headings – Montserrat, Body – Montserrat Light

Brand Colours:

Aqua – RGB 68, 217, 230 / #44d9e6
Black – RBG 000 / #000000
White – RGB 255, 255, 255 / #ffffff


Canva (www.canva.com)
Login: events@10x10philanthropy.com
Password: Philanthropy2017!

Password: 10x10instagives2021
Link: https://www.instagram.com/10x10gives/

Username: 10×10 Philanthropy
Twitter Handle: @10x10gives
Login Email: events@10x10philanthropy.com
Password: 10x10instagives2021

Company Page: 10×10 Philanthropy
Link: https://au.linkedin.com/company/10×10-philanthropy

(contact 10x10HQ to provide content and we will post for you)

6.3 Work with 10x10HQ to build the Campaign Page

A campaign landing page will be the call to action for all comms. You will be provided an easy URL (e.g. www.10x10gives.com) for use in live media and events and your guests can navigate from there, including:

• About 10×10
• Information about your chosen charity/charities
• Event information
• How to donate
• How to volunteer
• Campaign video
• Host/Ambassador/Shark profile (if applicable)

Please provide as much of the information you can as early as possible or so we can get this ready for your campaign launch without delay.


Most of this information will be available from the responsible Project Lead – reach out and collaborate to assemble the information you need!

1. Charity Information (Charity Lead)
There are two different layouts depending on if you are including one or three charities in your campaign. Please let us know which one you need.
Example of single charity: New York
Example of three charities: Hong Kong
Assets required:
• Blurb for each charity
• High res images (approved by charity)
• High res logos (colour and B&W versions in png format)

2. Event Information (Event Production Lead)
Please provide:
• Date
• Time
• Venue
• Any special event features such as guest performers, entertainment etc.

3. Volunteer/Vollie Projects (Volunteer Lead)
• List of all Vollie projects from each charity and their links (these will be the volunteering jobs the charities agree on posting on Vollie with you)

4. Campaign Video (Charity Lead (talent management), Ambassador Lead (talent management) and Marketing Lead collaboration)
• Send through file/link to approved campaign video (10x10HQ can assist with storyboard, planning and editing if you need)

5. Host/Ambassador/Shark profile (if applicable)
• Bio
• High res image
• Any relevant links

Download a copy of the campaign landing page checklist here.

6.4 Creating the Event Invitation

  • Most invitations are static, however 10x10HQ may be able to create video invitations such as the 10x10Brisbane September 22 promotion. This will require you to coordinate with Callum and the charities to arrange filming.
  • The invitation will be distributed by your colleagues on the Project Committee across social channels, including 10x10HQ socials. Invitations should be ready for distribution at least one month before the event.
  • Brand guidelines are included in the Canva templates.
  • The invitation should include all relevant details: sponsors, date, time, venue, charities, Shark, food and beverages, dress code (e.g. smart casual).
  • Invitations should also include 10×10’s global corporate sponsor logos, accessible in Canva (Callum can run you through this). Please be on alert for any conflicts with these sponsors and be in touch with 10x10HQ if you see a problem.
  • Finally, please email the invitation to 10x10HQ for final approval before sharing with your Project Committee or on socials.
  • Canva Invitation Template is here. Feel free to also browse all the 10×10 designs in our Canva account.
  • Examples from previous events:

6.5 Create A Facebook Event

We will provide you with access to 10×10’s Facebook account so that you can post and interact as 10×10 as necessary. Please send a note to events@10x10philanthropy.com to arrange username and password information.


Click on the ‘Create Event’ button on the 10×10 FB page, then under the ‘Upcoming Events’ section at the top of the page, include all necessary details and relevant promo materials that were created in Canva. Follow this link to step by step instructions to create a FB event.

6.6 Create and share event posts


● Charity: Once the charities have been selected, Leads should make a ‘reveal’ post, who they are, what they do and a link to each of their websites.

● Shark/Dragon: Once confirmed, Leads should make a ‘reveal’ post announcing the selected Shark, a small bio about them and a link to any relevant material.

● Sponsor: Other ‘reveal’ posts to be included in the lead-up to the event include the venue (once confirmed), sponsors, catering, raffle prizes/silent auction donations and anything exciting about them ALWAYS make sure to tag charities, sponsors, Sharks etc. and use any relevant hashtags.

● Video: Push out the video story that captures all of the above.

● Volunteering: When the Volunteer Lead is ready with volunteering opportunities (projects) share the content -Collaborate with the Volunteer Lead on timing and emerging stories of real people who are drawn to volunteer. Encourage those volunteers who engage to share their volunteering experience, capture pictures, share their experience etc.


Shark/Dragon Announcement Tile in Canva here.
Charity Tiles in Canva here.

6.7 Campaign Execution

Prepare a basic messaging calendar and share regularly with 10x10HQ to keep track of events in different cities, plus your Project Committee to share ideas, what’s working, keep the energy up and keep the team motivated!

● Charity posts: tell the story of the charity, call to action link to campaign page.

● Ambassador posts: announce the Ambassador, tell their story, call to action link to the campaign page.

● Sponsor posts: announce and thank sponsors as they come on board, check structure where necessary for matching campaigns with HQ via verina@10x10philanthropy.com.

6.8 Campaign Follow Up

When the campaign is finished, prepare follow up communications:

1) Thank you to major donors/contributors as a personal call from the key contact, coordinated where necessary with Sponsorship Lead and 10x10HQ.

2) Liaise with 10x10HQ for the overall Campaign Thank You Email (MailChimp).

3) Encourage all Project Committee members to follow up within 1-2 days after the event with personal contacts who have donated.

4) Overall campaign impact announcement post.

5) Collect and share thank you messages from the charity, benefactors, cause related spokesperson, Ambassador etc. to the supporter group.

6) Identify great stories and images to be submitted for the next Annual Impact Report and send to nici@10x10philanthropy.com or verina@10x10philanthropy.com


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10

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