Join us in starting the new year strong for an evening of education, awareness and fundraising, for the larger theme of sustainability and regeneration.


January 28, 2021 at 7:00pm PST, hosted virtually

We will be celebrating three local to Los Angeles charities, who all work, in different ways to promote the importance of the evening’s theme – whether through soil regeneration, organization of food waste, composting, or providing food for those in need.

We would love to have you at our digital fundraising event. All you need to do is:

  1. Register to attend
  2. Join us on January 28th for a 10×10 Los Angeles’ digital event
  3. Learn about three amazing organisations
  4. Participate by: Learning, meeting new friends, bidding on an auction item, or pledging to volunteer
  5. Become a valued member of the global 10×10 community

Please sign up to join us in support of three organisations:

Hollywood Food Coalition
Kiss The Ground
LA Compost

This past year has been difficult on everyone, and now more than ever it is so important to support programs like these in our local community to not only support those in need, but pave the way for a more equitable future for all.

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We have secured the following Los Angeles based charities that support sustainability and regeneration in the community. More about each specific organization is below:

The Hollywood Food Coalition has been redistributing “food waste” to provide a warm, nutritious meal, as well as clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, and hygiene items, assistance with housing placement and referrals, to those in need. Since 1987 they have served 1.5M daily meals to those in need.

Kiss the Ground is a nonprofit organization that empowers the idea that eaters and farmers have the science and technology to balance the climate and recreate our food system through soil regeneration. Their vision is to foster regeneration throughout communities; Their Farmland program supports transitioning farmers and ranchers with training, mentorship, soil testing, and financial assistance. Their Stewardship Program aims to educate, inspire and empower individuals to become powerful and impactful advocates for the regenerative movement. 

As “eaters”, each of us has a role and can make an impact with just a few new decisions.

LA Compost began in 2013 with the collective efforts of volunteers, friends and family. They compost organics locally while creating shared spaces for people to connect with each other and the natural world – places where people coexist – in churches, schools, gardens, and workplaces, cared for, maintained, and enjoyed by activated community members. 

If you think you are spiritual, composting might just be the new path to nirvana! LA Composting is truly an innovator – so easy it’s disruptive! Find out how it fits into the cycle of life and how you can EASILY start!

Support these incredible charities

Support these incredible charities

Make a Donation

You can make a donation of any amount by clicking on the button above. Here’s how your donations can help support our three organizations: Hollywood Food Coalition, Kiss The Ground, and LA Compost.

Could you support by donating an auction prize or experience?


The Auction

We are holding a silent auction online with a great range of items from a designer handbag, dining experiences, jewelry, beauty products and services and so much more! Find the perfect gift for your loved ones or go ahead and treat yourself, for a good cause! All proceeds from the auction will go towards all three of our supported charities.

Become a volunteer

Looking for a way to get more meaningfully involved with your community?
Here’s how you can get involved with Hollywood Food Coalition, Kiss The Ground and LA Compost.

Exchange Support:
Skills: Physical Volunteering
Come help with our newest food sharing program, the Community Exchange! Every day, volunteers at the Community Exchange intake, organize, and distribute several thousand pounds of food – it’s a rewarding day of hard work! The Community Exchange is open M-F: 11:30am – 4:00pm Currently located at the Hollywood United Methodist Church, at 6817 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Anticipating a move to new Vine/Fountain location in Feb/March!
Estimated Time requirement: 5 hour shift/weekly

Volunteer Lead Commitment:
Skills: Physical Volunteering
Commit to lead a team of volunteers in one of our volunteer programs: Meal Prep, Meal Service, or Community Exchange. Meal Prep, to help prepare for our nightly meal service. Meal Service, to help serve a multi-course nightly meal to clients, currently in to-go form. Exchange, intake, organize, and distribute several thousand pounds of food.
Estimated Time requirement: 3-5 hours/ week

Open Board Policy Assistance:
Skills: Real Estate, Fundraising, Governance, Legal, Board involvement
Attend company board meetings and assist in any of the following ways: Real Estate, Fundraising, Governance, Legal, Board involvement or ‘advisory board’ involvement.
Estimated Time requirement: Strong commitment required – monthly 2 hour board meetings, plus time spent in between meetings assisting, based on skills, availability.

Sponsorship and Grant Research:
Skills: R&D, Communications, fundraising
Make calls to prospective donors: ‘glean’ supplies (food donations, or materials such as foil, paper, cutlery, etc.)
Research/review potential grants, sponsorship possibilities that could benefit HFC.
Estimated Time requirement: 3-5 hours a week

Ambassador Role:
Skills: Social Media, Board, Committee
Use your passion and activism to commit yourself as an ambassador to Hollywood Food Coalition to support their fight and bring more awareness to the organization. To use social media to spread their word about serving the homeless and the hungry 365 days a year.
Estimated Time requirement: 3-5 hours a week

Database coordinator to organize soil events to help track and keep up calendar
Skills: Operations, Admin
Help organize events that happen for farmers or soil worldwide and help us keep track of what is happening in the movement with different groups. We will use this information to share with the public and keep informed on where to be within the events space. Talks about soil and regeneration keep the inspiration and movement going!
Time Requirement: 5Hr/week, virtual – work from anywhere

Policy volunteer to review Grants that could be used for KTG or their various farmers
Skills: Fundraising
To help create ease for farmers around grants that they can use on their lands, or grants that can support them in creating health in their operations. We need help putting these offerings together to be comprehensive and digestable.
Time Requirement: 5Hr/week, virtual – work from anywhere

General Social Sharing Awareness
Skills: Social Media, Marketing
Anyone, anywhere can join our social sharing gathering space in our mighty network and share out our work on your channels. This spread of storytelling keeps us weaving together the possibilities of regeneration.

Artist / Creative Partner:
Skills: artist, painter, graffiti artist, etc.
• Create educational and directional signage for our hubs
• Make stencils that would be used to label our bins and internal materials
• Design tote bag and potential other LA Compost swag
Estimated time required: 10-15 hours total

Video Content Creator:
Skills: Video editing, content creation
• To help creating short IG Reel/Tik Tok style videos, will be used for educational purposes
Estimated time required: 3-8 hours or ongoing

Communications & Graphic Design:
Skills: Graphic Design, Marketing
• To help extend the LA Compost reach and increase potential sponsorship opportunities
• Design and create Media and Press Kit for potential sponsorships
• Create company one-sheet with company overview, ethos, etc.
Estimated time required: 3-8 hours

These organisations need your help to continue the amazing work they do.

More volunteer opportunities will be available soon, follow our socials or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.


A big thank you to all of partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10.

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