Unit 3: Event Production Lead

3.0 Overview

The Event Producer will put together the plan for the live event, either a physical event, a digital event or a hybrid. To summarise, the 10×10 model has core goals around the straightforward concept that:

  • the Project Committee each bring 10 people to an event
  • event guests will hear stories/pitches from one or three grassroots charities (depending upon your campaign concept)
  • the Project Committee succeeds in raising funds, awareness and volunteers

3.1 Prepare A Timeline

Access the template Gantt chart (or a simple spreadsheet if you prefer) to map out the activities, deliverables deadlines and structure for planning and delivering your event, incorporating:

  • The proposed event date & time
  • The set-up/scheduling of the Zoom event with 10x10HQ
  • The creation of the ticketing process (10x10HQ and your Marketing and Communications Leads will confirm platform for your region)
  • Assignment of Event roles and responsibilities (this is different to the Project Committee roles and responsibilities)
  • Set the date and send Zoom invitations for the Event Rehearsal to all stakeholders
  • Create the Event Running Order
  • Write the script and consider gaining pre-approval from the Charity and Ambassador
  • Follow up comms

3.2 Recruitment, Liaison & Management of Ambassador, MC/Host, Shark/Dragon

Prepare to engage the Project Committee to help brainstorm the key talent who will help to make the campaign a success. Depending upon your event plan, you may need to recruit an MC/Host, Ambassador and Shark/Dragon.

The role of MC and Ambassador is fairly obvious – reach out to 10x10HQ if you’d like more information on this.

The Shark/Dragon is typically a philanthropic or business leader with specific charity and/or social impact experience, capable of performing an interview with the three Charities and the Audience at the event. You will work closely with the Project Lead to manage the nomination and selection process of the Shark as a pivotal playmaker at the event:

  • Briefing the Project Committee on the important role of the Shark and prompting a brainstorming session for ideas
  • Managing, collating and liaising on the suggestions and ideas of your Project Committee
  • Pitching to the Shark (in order of preference of the Project Committee)
  • Preparing and briefing the Shark

Finding the Right Shark/Dragon
The #SharkforGood is a key part of a successful 10×10 event. They are responsible for asking the charities questions after their pitches and play a big role in helping them tell their stories.
A great Shark is high profile, involved in philanthropy and is an engaging public speaker. Sharks are often very busy people and should be locked in early! Start your shortlist here.

Pitching the Talent
Create a version of the pitch to send to your ideal talent here.
You should also be prepared to provide an overview of 10×10.

3.3 Set up Zoom

Contact Verina at 10x10HQ to work with you to put together your Zoom event. Send:

1. Your timeline that will contain the date, time and other key information
2. Any images that your Marketing Leads have provided for the event (this will appear in the registration page and in the email body copy of the registration confirmation).
3. A campaign description (example from 10x10AKL below)
4. Email addresses of all speakers (can be added later if you don’t have them yet) to add them as presenters to the Webinar.

Example Zoom Event Descriptions:


Hybrid Event

If you can’t join us on the night, get online for 10×10 Auckland’s live event in support of three incredible grassroots charities:
* Orange Sky
* The Aunties
* Baskets of Blessing

Coming to you live from GRID AKL in the Auckland CBD, you will be moved and inspired as the three charities pitch their causes, while the Dragon Sam Stubbs will provide expertise and insight into impactful charitable investment. You’ll be able to make an impact and show your support for these amazing charities with the option to make a donation during the live stream.

Getting involved, raising awareness, donating to and volunteering for Orange Sky, The Aunties and Baskets of Blessing will help to provide essential support and services to vulnerable people in New Zealand. Can’t wait to see you then!

Digital Event

Get your philanthropy on and join 10×10’s live digital event featuring the incredible work of NAMI Westside LA, a local affiliate of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization.

JOIN US AT THE FREE virtual event at 7pm, Thursday July 16, 2020.


For any ideas or questions, contact Benita:
Email: verina@10x10philanthropy.com
Phone: +61 434 679 093

TIP: It is important to plan for the ‘Supporter Journey’ at the set-up stage. This will include the inclusion of automatic responses to registrations, confirmations, reminders, and invitation to share with 10 friends and family. 10x10HQ are here to help through this process.

3.4 Event Landing Page

Benita and the Marketing Leads will prepare an event landing page which will host all of the necessary information and will take the event guests/supporters through your available calls to action. Here is one we set up for New York and for Auckland.

You will need to collaborate with your Marketing Leads to gather and supply the content to populate this page and personalise it to your campaign. As a general guide, content we need includes:

  • Your event specific information – Event details i.e. date, time, venue, other key
  • Any other elements of the campaign you’d like to include e.g. if you’re holding multiple events, raffle prizes, information, special guests etc.

From Marketing and Communications Lead

  • Campaign video
  • Images, logos and “about us” blurbs for each charity
  • Key presenter, ambassador, speaker profiles

The landing page will also link to the ticketing/registration platform. We use a different solution for each region, so 10x10HQ will be in touch to update you on this at the appropriate time. Get the Landing Page Checklist here.

3.5 Draft Run Sheet

Open the Draft Run Sheet and start creating your event, with special consideration for the stakeholders who will play important roles:

  • MC/Host
  • Ambassador
  • Charity Spokesperson/Spokespeople
  • Charity Beneficiary (if appropriate)
  • Sponsor recognition

Plus your Project Committee colleagues:

  • Ambassador Lead – to liaise on dates, promotions, approvals etc.
  • Charity Lead – to liaise on dates, stories, speakers etc.
  • Volunteer Lead – to prepare to pitch the available volunteering projects
  • Sponsor Lead – to prepare special acknowledgements, brand inclusions

Reach out to your Head of City with ideas to continually improve the production plan – your work to develop this production will help 10×10 campaigns in cities around the world!

Share at the Project Committee meeting and ask for ideas, feedback plus, gain support for the plan so that you can proceed.

3.6 Prepare the Talent Briefs

Now that you have the support of the Project Committee for your Running Order (and assuming that this included the confirmation of the key speakers), organise a briefing to take the various presenters through the planning for the event.


The Host/MC is pivotal to the success of this event, finding the right balance between the important tasks:

  • Keeping the event on track and on time
  • Bringing the emotion
  • Revealing the charitable cause and the pressing need for help by helping the Charity to tell their story
  • Assuring the audience that TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, that giving time or money will have a real impact upon the most vulnerable
  • Providing the platform for the Ambassador to shine
  • Coordinating the participation of the Charity/Volunteer Leads
  • Coordinating questions from your audience (and being prepared to fill silences).


If inexperienced in the model, it could be useful to supply example questions – 10x10HQ has compiled the following examples.

TIP: Your appointed speakers are likely to have good speaking/presenting experience. Go into the briefing process ready to take on board their suggestions and ideas for the further improvement and refinement of your Run Sheet (and Script).

3.7 Create a script for the MC/Host

Open the Draft Script and start working on it for the Event Host/MC. Plan for all housekeeping, calls to action, speaker introductions, key information etc. to be included as per your Run Sheet.

It will be important to liaise through the Ambassador/Charity Leads on the speakers, structure and stories for inclusion.

3.8 Zoom Event Background Designs (where required)

All Project Committee members and presenters should upload a background to their Zoom meeting to highlight their role and emphasise their message. For example:

  • The Host background can feature the speaker list.
  • The Sponsor Lead can feature sponsor logos and thank these sponsors during the live event.
  • The Charity Lead can feature the donation handles (e.g. ‘$10 will provide a food box for a family of four’).
  • The Marketing & Communications Leads can feature and promote the various campaign handles and hashtags.

Here are samples from the 10x10SYD event which are available at Canva.

Canva Login: events@10x10philanthropy.com
Password: Philanthropy2017!


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10

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