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10x10 &
Global Centre of Possibility

present an evening of access innovation and impact

5:30PM Wednesday August 14 2024 | Spark City: 167 Victoria St, West Auckland

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Be part of something transformative

When pioneering leadership, design and innovation come together with a social impact movement of generosity, a more equitable society can be reimagined. The Global Centre of Possibility has partnered with 10×10 to create a night of interactive philanthropy in support of three progressive access and disability innovators. Together we can fund these groundbreaking ideas and make them a reality for access citizens in Aotearoa and around the world!

Opening up everyday items to be more accessible to the blind community by printing them in braille such as sheet music and building schematics

Creating accessible accommodation for travellers via an AirBnB concept that allows access citizens to support access citizens when they travel

Using 3D printing to create a more equitable experience for people with access needs to enjoy museums and engage with historical, culture and scientific objects and artifacts

Are you WITH us?
Our theme of the night, “WITH”, stands as a beacon of hope and unity, rallying us to support equity for the access community. Discover the power of ‘with’ by joining a generous giving collective in support of Minnie Baragwanath, Chantelle Griffiths and Sean Winterbottom

Donate with purpose
To attend, all you need to do is donate $100 via Givealittle. Upon arrival, you’ll receive two pledge tokens worth $50 each. Brace yourself for an evening of inspiration where each access innovator will pitch their mission, vision, and impact. And then, the choice is yours – channel your generosity to the idea that resonates with your heart and experience first-hand how the power of 10×10 can drive positive social impact.

The Access Innovators

Chantelle Griffiths

The Tactile and Technology Literacy Centre

An access citizen from birth, Chantelle was diagnosed with an optic nerve vision condition as a baby. At an early age, she developed remarkable skills to transcend her vision impairment including learning how to play piano and flute, and reading music notation in braille. Chantelle has worked as a braille music proof-reader, and studied adaptive technology. During this time, she noticed a great need for tactile-based programmes to reach beyond basic English literacy.

Chantelle has since pioneered a ground-breaking adult braille music curriculum which has become the foundation of the Tactile and Technology Literacy Centre (TTLC).

Sean Winterbottom

TouchBase Design

Sean envisions a world unencumbered by the biases of the visual. His drive for change was motivated after sustaining life altering injuries following a motorcycle accident. As a result, Sean pivoted his academic studies to graphic design and visual languages as an innovative approach to his new access needs. This instinct for problem solving led to him creating TouchBase Design which is redefining how those with access needs can experience museums and exhibits.

Sean wants to use 3D printing to replicate components of collections that patrons can touch, hold and feel. This will create a more intimate and equitable experience for everyone to learn and engage with historical, culture and scientific objects and artifacts.

Michael Lloyd


Mike has been vision-impaired since birth and now has no functional vision. He also lives with Parkinson’s, which means that when travelling away from home, Mike and his partner Laura, who is also vision-impaired, must carefully plan each detail of their trip.

Mike’s vision for social change is built on the concept of a home away from home for those with access needs, both globally and in Aotearoa. His newly formed company, Accommodationz is a peer-to-peer network of access citizens who have rooms to spare. By matching access travellers with hosts whose homes are already located and modified to meet their own requirements, Mike is reimagining what travel means for the one in four people who have an access need.

Minnie Baragwanath
10x10 Dragon for Good

Minnie Baragwanath
10x10 Dragon for Good


Minnie Baragwanath is a renowned access innovator in Aotearoa and globally. Her work and study in this space has spanned 25 years. She is currently the Chief Possibility Officer and Founder of the Global Centre of Possibility at AUT – an organisation with a unique emphasis on “possibility leadership, design and innovation” as the key to future social transformation.

Minnie has been awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit, the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award, the Westpac Women of Influence Diversity award, the Zonta women’s award and was a top 10 finalist for the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year. Minnie released a book last year about her life and work as a blind woman and social entrepreneur, ‘Blindingly Obvious’.

Event Location

Spark City: 167 Victoria St, West Auckland


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10