Unit 5: Volunteer Lead

5.0 Overview

This role has so much potential to provide amazing volunteer resources to the selected beneficiary charities. After an introduction via your team Charity Lead, get to know the organisation/s and understand how volunteer resources will increase their capacity, improve their impact and outcomes. Popular volunteering projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Legal Advice and/or Support
  • Physical Labour (planting, picking, packing, moving, delivering etc.)

5.1 Setting Up to Recruit Volunteers for Your Charity

Ask the Charity Lead for the Charity Volunteer Coordinator/contact person, get the logo, mission and other descriptive information to be capable of promoting the Charity in the context of recruiting volunteers (these items might be with the Charity or Marketing Leads).

Research previous 10×10 volunteering projects for guidance and inspiration for your Charity. Here are some previous examples:

Holiday Meal Volunteer
Pantry Packaging & Distribution
Pantry Food Drop Off
Pantry Pick up
Winter Coat & Shoe Drive Leader
Personal Care Items Drive Leader
Real Estate Scout
Ambassador Liaison
Data Manager
Graphic Designer
Social Media Specialist / Master
Warm Line Operator Support
Web Developer

Ask the Charity to complete this step, alternatively, write the first draft Volunteer Project descriptions by adding to this form.

5.2 Set Up the Volunteering Call to Action

1) With the content provided in the form (above), work with the Charity to best understand and refine the skilled and regular volunteering projects. Help to promote the valuable opportunity to potential volunteers, highlight the importance of the roles, with a description of what is needed.

2) Please check that all Projects comply with social distancing and Covid-19 related laws in your region. You will need to identify if the project is “Physical Volunteering” or a remote opportunity. Example below.

3) Gain Charity sign-off prior to the campaign launch, then commence uploading projects to vollie.com.au. Notify the Marketing Leads and 10x10HQ when complete for inclusion in all promotional activities to drive awareness and applications.

4) Direct links will be included in the City Campaign Landing Page. You can use one call to action for all comms – visit www.10x10gives.com (which will be directed to your campaign for the duration of your campaign).

5.3 Managing & Amplifying the Campaign

We have learned a lot in implementing our Vollie campaigns in London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and LA.

Universities are an excellent source of high quality volunteers that add great value to our partner charities. Recent graduates and soon-to-graduate students are generally interested to put their learnings into practice, so contacting the appropriate departments in local universities to help create awareness about the campaign is pivotal to the quality and volume of the candidates.

1) Make a list of organisations in the local area, including those in proximity to the Charity operations

2) Research the relevant areas within the university, usually in the following areas:

  • Industry Experiences
  • Industry Engagement
  • Internships
  • Work Integrated Learning / Work Experience

Contact 10x10HQ to formulate a plan on how to make contact with these organisations – we will work on it together!

5.4 Prepare the Volunteer Ask – Live Event

To achieve the best outcomes from the Live Event, get involved with the planning and production to ensure that volunteering opportunities are highlighted and explained within the flow of the event:

1) Include content from the Charity perspective about why volunteers are important, the roles/projects that are available and the impact that people can have by giving their time.

2) Include content from the MC, Ambassador or 10×10 perspective about how to apply for a project – or present yourself! Promote the direct links to 10×10 city campaign page, which contains all of the appropriate links in one convenient location.

5.5 Wrap Up

Wrapping up the campaign involves a debrief to 10x10HQ (call or email) and the identification of stories:

1) If possible, identify stories to share in wrapping up the campaign and 10×10’s global comms about the experience of the volunteers and the charity – we want to share great stories everywhere! Collect interviews, videos, written content, pictures and supply to your Marketing Leads and 10x10HQ. We welcome you to discuss any ideas and we will support telling these stories through social media, newsletters and impact reports.

2) Of course you are welcome to remain involved as long as you are able! However, when the campaign is over, reach out to your Charity Volunteer Coordinator and inform them, plus follow up with an email introduction with verina@10x10philanthropy.com and 10x10HQ will continue to manage communications and ongoing volunteering responsibilities – in this situation, the email will conclude your role with the Charity.

3) Participate in a de-brief to help us to improve the Volunteering process. We need your help to refine and improve!


We are so grateful for all of our partners who play a crucial role in ensuring we can continue to build 10×10

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