At 10×10 we have supported over 230 charities to date across all sectors. Our local committees choose charities who:

Provide innovative solutions to social problems

Have a passionate founder or leader and an awesome story to tell

Are smaller or start up, grassroots charities for who $5-10k will make a significant impact

Are a registered not for profit in their local jurisdiction (i.e. in Australia have DGR status)

What our charities say about us

10×10 provides charities with a unique platform to tell their story and connect with others. The outcomes are so much more than just receiving additional funding. In many cases many of our volunteers go on to work with the charities and assist them via their own networks.

A recent survey of 10×10 charity partners revealed:

  • 84.62% say the funds made a substantial difference to theirorganisation
  • 92.31% say they would recommend 10×10 Philanthropy to other charities
  • 50% of charities had people provide volunteering support post event

Here are just a few nice things charities have said about 10×10:

“The best thing was gaining exposure to a room full of new people who then learn about the work we do.” (batyr)

“We loved the ease of application, support of committee with the pitch. The event was fun!” (Top Blokes Foundation)

“The format was excellent and gave a forum for the charities to tell everyone what they were all about.” (Melanoma Patients Australia)

“I believe apart from the funds it was the exposure this opportunity provided our charity with. Many of the people attending that night had yet to hear about our charity so to be able to explain and have discussions with a new group of young people with a philanthropic mind set was a really positive experience.” (Backpacks 4 SA Kids)

We have supported over 230 charities worldwide

Here are just a few.

This is a complete list of the charities that 10×10 have proudly supported:

Heaps Decent, Soften the Fck Up, Sydney Story Factory, Beehive Foundation, Chronic Cerebrospinal Fluid Venous Insufficiency, Food Ladder, Football United, Project Futures, Project Futures, Wild at Heart, 1 Giant Mind, 100 Story Building, Streets of Freedom, Cambodia Kids Can, Seven Women, Warwick Cancer Foundation, Fighting Chance, First Hand Solutions, Social Outfit, 40K, Curious Works, Tribal Warriors, Gig Buddies, Good360, Top Blokes Foundation, Global Sisters, Hello Sunday Morning, Orange Sky Laundry, Manjeri School Projects, Pollinate Energy, SCARF, i-Manifest, One Disease, One Voice, Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, Kickstart For Kids, Sight for All, Help Me With It, Melanoma Patients Australia, Spur Projects, 2H Projects, Homie, Sister Works, Hope St Café, Multicultural Diversity Australia, Nappy Collective, Inspired Buy, Sleepbus, Zahra Foundation, Impact For Women, Seed Mob, Soap Aid, Backpacks for SA Kids, Essentials for Women SA, RufUs, Little Dreamers, My Green World, OneWave, Backtrack, Batyr, HIV/AIDS Legal Centre, Malpa, Feel The Magic, Table, Mission for Migrant Workers, Society for Community Organisation (SOCO), Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong, Sands, MRP, Mini Farm, Stride Foundation, Spark Inside, The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund, Space2B, Birth For Humankind, L2R Next Gen, Puddle Jumpers, Sammy D, United Way, Abundant Water, Sharing Stories Foundation, Take 3, The Melbourne Project, Wear for Success, Pets of the Homeless, RefuAid, Football Beyond Borders, The Felix Project, Safe Pets Safe Families, Living Without Limits, Still Aware, Same Skies, Movers – Moving Against Domestic Violence, Sister2Sister, Switchback, RefuAid, Football Beyond Borders, Free To Run, Teen’s Key, Impact HK, Barayamal, Dandelion Support Network, John Mac Foundation, Roger Rasheed, Barefoot2Boots, Guardian Angel, Plan Zheroes, The Bike Project, Rhythms of Life, Free2Feed, St Kilda Gatehouse, Kickstart Project, Batey Girls, Geeks Rule, I’ll Go First, Rize Up, A Brave Life, Alive, Green Music Australia, Watarrka Foundation, Share the Dignity, Extreme Kids and Crew, Jimbere Fund, South Bronx United, Made In Hackner, The Food Chain, The Haller Foundation, MumKind, Second Chances SA, The Carly Ryan Foundation, Twich Women’s Sewing Collective, Villamanta, 300 Blankets, Happy Tails Animal Rescue, Share the Dignity, The Pyjama Foundation, Team Up, Our Mala, Free Me, Sprouts Foundation, Rooftop Republic, The Brightly Project, Beyond Empathy, Science for Wildlife, The Animata Maternal Foundation, Yo Bro, Yo Girl, Fresh Roots, The Learning Buddies Network

Wanting to get your charity funded?

If you fit the above criteria and would like to apply to 10×10 to be selected by a committee please fill in our charity application form.

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